U. City. Great for concerts. And senior photos.

Saturday, July 2. Hottest day of the year. And where were we? In the Delmar Loop.
Paige, a Parkway West senior-to-be, picked the locale (not the weather!) for her passion for music and the eclectic nature of University City. We're big fans of the Loop, although it's been a long time since we have gone there to make photos... Yeah, most of our time there is spent at Fitz's (mmm... root beer...), Blueberry Hill, and The Pageant (one of the best places in the world to see a concert*). We love a good concert, but it was definitely nice to get out and do something different there this time!

Did you know? The Delmar Loop is one of America's 10 Great Streets, according to the American Planning Association (2007). We'd have to agree.
*According to Pollstar 2010.

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